Tuesday, 17 July 2012

*bespoke* Issue #7

I am so thrilled to be a part of the current edition of  *bespoke* magazine which will start appearing in stores next week.  I received my copy today in the post and it looks simply amazing!! I will definitely be devouring this before I head to bed tonight!

You can find my article '"We Love Ipswich"  on page 27, where I chat too the lovely ladies from cultiver  , The.Gift.Tree, Mimmis and The Handmade Markets .

These four stores are all located in and around the Ipswich region and are just part of why I love this town.  The creativity we have here constantly surprises me. If you live in South East Queensland and love quality handmade crafts then Ipswich is definitely a place you must visit.

Check out my article in Issue #7 of *bespoke*, or visit the individual links to the stores mentioned for locations and contact details.


The Gift Tree

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