Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sublime Point Lookout

It's COLD in them there mountains!!!

Well, DH and I just got back from The Blue Mountains and man it was freezing down there !!!

DH had a 20 year reunion for his Uni class at an absolutely gorgeous resort in the mountains - I'll post some pics of it soon. It was great fun catching up with the guys after so long. It was hilarious to hear all the nicknames being thrown around, and 45 yr old guys easily answering to them! Us wives enjoyed the time shopping in the gorgeous town of Leura, while the boys played golf and rekindled more memories.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Mother's Day to all...

Well, another year bites the dust. I am officially 40 plus GST! (that's 44 for you non financial types). I don't really think it's much different to 43, or 42 for that matter... I think i actually stopped counting after 3o-something. Except when I had to fill in the twins birth certificate ...but let's not go there!
So, how about Mother's Day instead. I was swamped this morning by the twins (nearly 7 yr olds). They have been 'creating' gifts for me all week - so much paper and masking tape and textas!!! They were so excited and kept telling me they loved me ... and not to forget that I had to go and shop for their birthday present today!!
Yes, I was a Mother's Day baby, and so were the twins. This year tho, their day is on Tuesday. They are looking forward to next Saturday when they have each invited 6 friends to a party in the park .... should be fun (she says grinning...)
Anyway time to go and cut the Mother's Day Cake,
Cheers one and all.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Sick kids ....

Seem to be a lot of them around at the moment. Prob something to do with the change in the weather. Cold nights and warm days. I have DS5 home today, but instead of scrapping I am actually working!
I received some delicious papers and bits from SW last night. I can't wait to get May's DT items started. Some fantastic Fancy Pants and Rusty Pickle papers to work with. I still want to do more with my BG from last month - maybe some Mother's Day mini-albums for the grandma's. My DS2, the jetsetter, is currently in Venice having a wonderful time. I've been shadowing his travelling on GoogleEarth and WOW!! the places he is seeing are awesome!
Anyway I better get back to work. Thanks for the lovely comments re my layouts ladies, it means so much to me, coming from those ppl whose work I admire so much!!
Watch this space for some more creativity in the near future !!!


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