About Me...

2013 is promising to be a GREAT year.  I actually carried through my 2011 resolution (well one of them anyway!) and I have made firm steps towards being more creative. I have moved on from my teaching career, and transferred to the other side of the desk.  I am now the student!
For the past year I have been studying towards my Diploma of Graphic Arts at TAFE (Technical and Further Education) in Brisbane. I absolutely love being creative again and I have already learnt so much.
I have started my own Graphic Design business, where I freelance as a web-designer, graphic artist, logo designer and creative consultant.  I love helping other creatives live their dream, it is a very fulfilling experience to point people in a direction, give them some knowledge and see them achieve!

And I am writing again!  Just free articles at the moment, but who cares? I love to write, and I love sharing my passion with others regardless of financial reward. After all writers definitely don't do it for the money! Much like any crafter really.

I am blessed with a lovely man in my life who has supported me through some pretty rough times of late, and with his encouragement and support I know that I will achieve so much this year.
I'd love you to join me on my journey.
To be continued......


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