Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pets and Fireworks do not mix!!


OK people of Brisbane, Australia .... tonight the amazing fireworks spectacular that is  Riverfire  will be lighting up the sky over our beautiful city.  While we all 'ooohh and ahhh" at the millions of dollars going up in smoke, please PLEASE, please, don't forget about that member of your family who will probably absolutely freak out with all the noise.
Your dog, cat, guinea pig, bird .... whatever pets you have, need particular care and attention this evening - even more so if you are intending on leaving the poor little bugger alone at home to experience 'the end of the world' on his or her own.

Please take a look at  the RSPCA's Facebook page   which has some great ideas for how you can keep your pet calm and safe this evening.


Monday, 17 September 2012

Touching Base

Hi all,
Just thought I would pop on over to my blog and update you with my goings on.  My lil' Graphic Design business Papier Mouse is now up and running, hence my absence from my trusty blog  over the last few weeks.  
I hope to start a Papier Mouse Blog in the near future.  I really want to create a place for creative people to visit and share information about all aspects of creative design.  I'm planning on offering up to date industry relevant information,  as well as some FREE downloads for people.  
One thing that I have really valued in the past couple of years, as I have traveled on my creative journey, is the support and overwhelming positiveness that I have experienced from fellow crafters - both professionals and newbies alike.
I am so looking forward to being able to take a running leap into 'becoming creative' that I can't wait to have more time to spend actually making things and sharing them with you all.
At the moment my number one priority is my studies.  I am over half way through my Diploma of Graphic Design at BNIT, and I have learnt so much over the past year! I have some wonderful teachers, and a great bunch of fellow students to bounce ideas off.  My one regret is that my time management skills are not what they should be, and I tend to let myself get overwhelmed with assessment items.  I am a perfectionist, and I don't apologies for that, but it really saps the energy to 'do my best' in every subject all of the time.  I know I need to learn to prioritize, and this is a goal that I am working towards every day.

So thanks for hanging around, and visit my website (which will be overhauled in the near future, hopefully) and see what I have been up to.

I'd love to hear from anyone out there who can give me some pointers in free-lancing. I'm open to all suggestions :)



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