Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Double Trouble

Here are two layouts I created using the 'Terrific Twins' Word Art Pack from Jen at Word Art World (available now at her Gotta Pixel store). As the only one on Jen's Creative Team with twins I did offer the other lovely ladies my boys for a while - just so they could get some inspiration, but funnily enough I have had no takers ....can't think why ?

I've been having a great time learning all about PhotoShop at TAFE on Saturdays. It's great to legitimise the excess amount of time I spend on my laptop by saying that I am 'practising' what I have learnt or doing my homework. That's my story and I am sticking to it ;).

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Created.... but not yet printed...

Following on from my previous post Playing With Typography here is my piece of wall art for my sons bedroom. I took ages looking through all the wonderful letters available (see my previous post re great resources). Initially I was going for a 'grungy' worn look, but then reconsidered my colour scheme as it is for my 10 year old son .... and not me.... after all. Aside from his name, I included his date of birth and during my web trawling I even found a vintage stamp showing the hospital of his birth !! Pretty cool huh?

I am intending to print it out 9"x9" and mat it in a 12"sq frame. I have a couple left over from my paper scrapping days. Goodness knows when I'll get that done though, so here is my creation so far.....

A Place I Was Dying to Visit ....

On Sunday my partner and I had a lovely day at the Toowong Cemetery. This historical site in the heart of Brisbane has some of the oldest grave sites in Queensland. We were lucky enough to join a tour which happened to be on that morning (and is a regular '1st Sunday of the month' event so we discovered) and actually be shown the last resting place of a number of famous/infamous locals with a knowledgeable guide filling in the details.

Our main reason in visiting the cemetery was to take photos! I just love the variety of memorials that are there. Cherubs, angels, plinths and even statues of pets adorn the sites. Unfortunately, due to age - and sadly vandalism- a large number of the headstones and grave sites are in disrepair, making it a very sombre and moving environment to wander.

Here are a few photos we took. I can't wait to 'manipulate' them into some of my Digi Art.

Playing with Typography...

I have just discovered an amazing guy on flickr called Leo Reynolds. I thought I was photo mad..but this guy has photo's of everything you can imagine (and so much more!!). Mr. Reynolds has taken several thousand photos of typography and signage (and other interesting things) and he allows anyone to use them under a creative commons license with very few restrictions.

This journey started for me over at Amy Gregson's - My 3 Monsters Blog. Amy has used random letters to create this individual piece of wall art for her house.