Saturday, 4 February 2012

Facebook Timeline Cover ....

I just created my Facebook Timeline cover image. I've seen these on some sites and wondered how they were done, so gave it a go in Photoshop and viola!
It isn't perfect, but it will do for my first effort.
A collection of those I love.....

A Sideways Glance...

I am reading a book at the moment entitled The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher which is an amazing visual feast. The author himself introduces it as "a primer in visual intelligence, an exploration of the working of the eye, the hand, the brain and the imagination" ... and what an exploration it is!!!
Touching on such topics as colour, illusion, words creativity, value, imagination, paradox and so much more!!
I have so many bright pink Post-it notes flagging pages that contain verbal and visual gems that I hope to gradually share on here, and I am not even a quarter way through this massive book! Did I mention that it sits about 6cm thick! Over 1000 pages! Certainly not a light read, but so captivatingly interesting!!

Here is the first gem I uncovered:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just a quick word....

I'm thinking of printing out Quote Cards (6x4 inch), similiar to the ones I created above, and attaching them to the front of birthday cards that I create, in such a way that the Quote Card can be easily removed and framed when the actual gift card is finished with...
What do you think?

Dreams do come true.

Today's find is from the inspirational site Everything's Right .It is one of my favourite quotes at the moment. I am a firm believer in setting goals and visualising yourself achieving those goals. I feel that if you can dream it, you can be it. I'm not saying this is an easy thing to do - it's taken my a long time to even start travelling down the road towards my dream, and I took many detours before I got here, but once I committed to my dream, my goal became attainable and all the 'what if's' just seemed to fall by the wayside.
So this one is for all the dreamers out there:


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