Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Quotes of Worth...

One thing I love about stumbling around on the Big Wide Web is finding jewels of wisdom and inspiration. I have always been a wordaholic, and I freely admit it, I love reading, writing and basically playing around with the English language - so it probably isn't a great surprise that quotes are high on my collection list.
Here are just a few that I have found over the past few days .... and where I have found them too... hope you like them:

Good old Uncle Albert from ThumbPress

Here is one I like to share with my own children and those I teach. Kids can be so mean at times and it breaks my heart to see a child get picked on, and be made to feel that they have little self worth ... this one is from Pictures and Quotes:

and, finally, I just love the simplistic artwork of this beautiful piece, also from Pictures and Quotes

More paper creations...

I got the idea of creating some paper beads while stumbling round YouTube the other day. I found this great tutorial from BeyondBracelets's Chanel and thought I would have a go. Though not the fastest way to make a necklace and earrings - just buying the beads would obviously be quicker- I thoroughly enjoyed making the beads. The cutting and rolling of the paper, and even the sealing of the beads was quiet theraputic. For these beads I used some old sheets of graph paper I had lying around, I then matched them with some beads that I had kept from a broken bracelet and viola! I picked up the bits and bobs (wire, hooks, etc) at Spotlight. Definetly a cheap way to make a unique piece of jewellery, but I don't think I could sell them for a profit - due to the work involved.
But like I keep telling D, I don't create to make money, I create to keep sane! My ambition to do it as 'a job' might not be for me after all :(

Sunday, 29 January 2012

All Hail Reverse Garbage!

I know I've said it before, but I love the stuff I find at the Reverse Garbage outlet! Here is a business card holder I made from a little book which cost me a whole 20 cents!
Just a couple of folds and it was done! This is a great way to store all those crafty cards for future reference.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Search and you will find!!

For years now I have been looking for some way of displaying my jewellery items. It's not that I have that much (well, I don't think so anyway) but I have quiet a few dangley earrings that most earring holders don't accommodate.
Well finally my search is over!!!
Today we went to the Reverse Garbage store in Brisbane and amongst some other bits and bobs that I purchased I came home with this fantastic piece of steel reinforcing. I knew straight away that with absolutely no effort needed I had my jewellery display covered.
Now I just need to go back and get two more for all the rest of my stuff!
What do you think? Sorry the image isn't too good - I'll try again in the daylight tomorrow.... I was just way to keen to show it to you tonight :)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Beautiful juxtaposition ....

Hello again.
I am so enjoying going back through my photos and matching them up with quotes that I have been jotting down.

I love this image I took of my lovely agapanthus in bloom last year. The clouds look so menacing and formidable, yet my aggie still shone through the darkness.
I think I got a few funny looks from people driving by as I lay on the wet ground to take this photo!

I couldn't decide which of these lovely quotes suited the image best ..... so I did them both. Hope you like them.

Create Yourself

We recently took a trip to the beautiful Butterfly House at Melbourne Zoo. Dave took some amazing photos for me to play with - here is one of them ... Hope you like it :)


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