Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Well, Adobe Flash using Action Script 3 to be precise. In my first lesson of Commercial Web Design today we created a (very) short video.  It is a Flash animation, and while it looks very basic I'm so pleased that I understood what I was supposed to do.  Enough so that when I got home from TAFE I kept fiddling with it and added extra bubbles and seaweed all on my own.

My next step is to create one of those annoying little ads that we all choose to ignore on web pages.   I call them 'Digital Junk Mail' but my lecturer assures me that studies have shown them to be an effective form of advertising.

Personally, I am thinking Blinkies .  We have all seen the flashy, sparkly ones... but I am going to try my hand at creating something with a bit more style, just like the ones at The Shabby Shoppe  which I think are super sweet !

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