Monday, 21 April 2008

My Boys mini album & other stuff.

I've just completed my first mini album using the lovely Archaic Range from Basic Grey, and I love it! These quality papers are lovely to use, and suit the various range of ages of all my lovely lads. (Why not pop into Scrappers Warehouse and check out my other LO's using this range?).
I still need to put the journalling in, but that will take me a while to get the right words in my head - I might find some relevant quotes to use, but then I guess my own words would be more meaningful.
Great news at work!!! I've escaped the classroom till the end of the year!!! yippee!!
I have been trying very hard to make myself needed at work, and it seems to have worked. I am loving this job, the people are so supportive and the work is really interesting. And you actually get job satisfaction and recognition ... something I think is really missing from our classrooms/schools as far as the hardworking teacher is concerned.
And, most importantly, I get soooo much more time to create!!!
Like I said earlier....

Friday, 18 April 2008

Leaving on a jet plane ....

Well its been a long time coming, but my little boy is flying off to Europe this Sunday! Something like 21 countries in 40 days ... the lucky thing. He and a friend are doing a Contiki camping tour, and while I personally want to check out Asia more so than Europe, I am still jealous!!! I can see that this will be the start of the 'travel bug' for him. I mean he did go to Japan with school, and to NZ for a short trip, but this is the real OS experience. And my DS1 confirmed tonight that he is looking at teaching in Japan next year when he finishes his degree, which was expected as he is learning Japanese ... I can see that I will have to get a passport and travel to see my own kids in the future, which is fine with me, but having 3 more at home could be a problem. It's great the opportunities that young ppl get now days to travel, technology has certainly brought the world a lot closer!

Monday, 14 April 2008

I'm on the Design Team at Scrapper's Warehouse!!!!!!

I can finally announce it out loud!!!
Well, I can sorta announce it - Gaby at SW is pretty busy with moving and stuff, so it hasnt been officially announced over there, but I think she is tired of me hassling her ("Can I tell them.......please?", "Now can I tell them ....pretty please???" etc, etc....) So she said I can blab!!!!
I am so excited, as you can tell. She has sent me the lovliest Basic Grey papers (Archaic) to play with, and some yummy chipboard words and felt stuff!!!!
I've uploaded two LO's so far, but I have plans for more - so stay tuned.
Why not pop over to Scrapper's Warehouse and check out the shop, Gaby has a flat rate postage of $5 in Aust, so you can spend more on products!! yeah!!!

Monday, 7 April 2008

School Holidays ...... but not mine!

Well, for the first time in over 10 years I am not on holidays with the kids! I gave up my right to school hols to become a public servant! and I love it!! The no holidays are a bit of a bummer (apart from the usual 4 weeks per annum that is) but the decrease in pressure and stress outweighs that immensly. DS4&5 appear happy enough to attend Vacation Care most days, and between DH, DS1 and myself we are entertaining them a couple of days too. Work is going well, though the load is increasing - but I dont feel like I am going to have a 'meltdown' anytime soon. There are a number of staff on hols at the mo, so things should settle down in a week or so.
On a much brighter note ... my DT stuff arrived today. OMG - I received all the BG Archaic range of papers, some great chipboard, felt, ribbons and other stuff. I am going to have so much fun creating with these wonderful products !!! Now I have to go and plough through my gazillion photos for the 'right' ones!
Hey - check out the new LOs in my slide show! Some cool teenager ones there on Paper Inklings paper from my stint as Guest Designer at ScrapLounge. Cool stuff!


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