Friday, 7 January 2011

Lovely Frangipanis

Ever since I can remember I have loved Frangipanis. My parents had a large tree in the backyard as I was growing up, and there was a smaller one in the front yard of our holiday house, so they were always around. I remember placing the flowers in a bowl of water, and watching them float like lily pads. Mum used to place the bowl in the centre of the dinning room table and the beautiful scent would fill the rooms.
I think it was karma that when I was looking for a place to rent after my separation the first house I saw had two frangipani trees growing in the front yard. So now I get to enjoy my own frangis.

Here is a layout I've created using some wonderful WordArt from Jen's WordArt World. This one is from her 'Take Time' pack to be released at her Gotta Pixel store in the next week.

1 comment:

Francine Burgess said...

well my dad loved them sooo much he called me his frangapani...when he died we planted one for him in a pot and take it where eve we all your layouts Grace..


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