Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Here's another one .....

Ben, the Bengal tiger (along with his brother Cheeky Monkey) joined the Keogh menagerie on a recent trip to the Gold Coast. The boys discovered a "Build-A-Bear" workshop in Surfer's Paradise and immediately fell in love with their chosen must-have pet. It's a really fun place where kids, and adults, can select from a wide range of plush toys (mainly bears, but heaps of other animals too) then with the help of their stuff, proceed to bring their friend to life.
They can place a voice box inside the animal, which comes in a range of pre-recorded audios or you can even record your own voice !!
The kids then get to help their friend being stuffed, sewn together and can even buy clothes for the designer wardrobe that every animal requires.
Before they leave the store, children need to fill out a birth registry on the shops computer, which is then printed out for them and they are presented with a Birth Certificate for their friend.
The boys loved it!!

In creating this layout I used wordart from Jens Word Art World Blog and digi elements from Tracy Howards "Kids With Attitude" kit.

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