Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Quotes of Worth...

One thing I love about stumbling around on the Big Wide Web is finding jewels of wisdom and inspiration. I have always been a wordaholic, and I freely admit it, I love reading, writing and basically playing around with the English language - so it probably isn't a great surprise that quotes are high on my collection list.
Here are just a few that I have found over the past few days .... and where I have found them too... hope you like them:

Good old Uncle Albert from ThumbPress

Here is one I like to share with my own children and those I teach. Kids can be so mean at times and it breaks my heart to see a child get picked on, and be made to feel that they have little self worth ... this one is from Pictures and Quotes:

and, finally, I just love the simplistic artwork of this beautiful piece, also from Pictures and Quotes

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Rebekkah said...

Hey Grace !

I love all these quotes and i think the middle one does speak volumes.. what a great way to give confidence to kids ! I love the last one too - just beautiful.. it doesnt need words..
Hope you are well my dear
Love ya
Bek xox


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