Tuesday, 31 January 2012

More paper creations...

I got the idea of creating some paper beads while stumbling round YouTube the other day. I found this great tutorial from BeyondBracelets's Chanel and thought I would have a go. Though not the fastest way to make a necklace and earrings - just buying the beads would obviously be quicker- I thoroughly enjoyed making the beads. The cutting and rolling of the paper, and even the sealing of the beads was quiet theraputic. For these beads I used some old sheets of graph paper I had lying around, I then matched them with some beads that I had kept from a broken bracelet and viola! I picked up the bits and bobs (wire, hooks, etc) at Spotlight. Definetly a cheap way to make a unique piece of jewellery, but I don't think I could sell them for a profit - due to the work involved.
But like I keep telling D, I don't create to make money, I create to keep sane! My ambition to do it as 'a job' might not be for me after all :(

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