Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Place I Was Dying to Visit ....

On Sunday my partner and I had a lovely day at the Toowong Cemetery. This historical site in the heart of Brisbane has some of the oldest grave sites in Queensland. We were lucky enough to join a tour which happened to be on that morning (and is a regular '1st Sunday of the month' event so we discovered) and actually be shown the last resting place of a number of famous/infamous locals with a knowledgeable guide filling in the details.

Our main reason in visiting the cemetery was to take photos! I just love the variety of memorials that are there. Cherubs, angels, plinths and even statues of pets adorn the sites. Unfortunately, due to age - and sadly vandalism- a large number of the headstones and grave sites are in disrepair, making it a very sombre and moving environment to wander.

Here are a few photos we took. I can't wait to 'manipulate' them into some of my Digi Art.

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