Monday, 8 June 2009

Scrapbooking Expo - Photography workshop

Hi there, today I had the pleasure of attending a basic photography workshop by the lovely ladies at Point, Shoot, Play. It was great to have time to play with my camera, and learn how to use another setting besides AUTO!! The girls had great ideas for getting those perfect shots - some really easy hints on how to set up the composition of photos (like checking out the background!) right through to some great hints on aperature and shutter speed - which i have always found pretty confusing. While I was at the Expo I did do the rounds of the shops; maybe I wasnt in the right frame of mind tho cause I didnt find anything that really grabbed my attention. Seems to be the same ol' same ol'. I did see lots of lovely stamps, which i am getting more 'into' but I still didnt feel I could justify some of the prices - considering I have heaps I dont use enough already. Don'g get me wrong, I'm not losing my inspiration-I just think that I want to be different from the norm and not follow the flock. I think i will find my own way of doing things with what I've got.
Might head back into town tomorrow, as the Lifeline bookfeast is on and I could really go some old book pages and music sheets to rip up and use for background papers.

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Diana said...

Glad you learnt a lot from the photography course. I hope to do one one day.



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