Thursday, 18 June 2009

A new door opens...

A gd friend sent me a text yesterday ..." When one door closes, another door opens, keep moving through the door - but be careful of doors that are opened for you" It was a much needed wake up call, as i had just been informed that my contract at work wasn't being renewed after June 30th, and that I would have to go back to the classroom. I know it means i get school holidays again, and I am working closer to home, and the boys won't have to spend so much time at OHSC, and I am only working 3 days a week, so I'll have more time for me .... but I am going to miss the friends I have made and the work that I do.
But like he says, when one door closes and others open ..... I see myself going for walks, I see myself keeping the house more organised, I see myself ironing in front of the TV so DH doesnt have to do it on a Sunday night, I see myself writing articles to submit to mags ...

So yes i have to leave my comfort zone and shut one door, but I am going to choose a couple of doors to open for myself!


Jane Balke Andersen said...

Grace your energy and commitment to life will bring you joy along with new those challenges. You'll have time to make the memo book you won as the lucky door prize (Create For A Cause charity day) too! All the best. Jane

Q Tea Kits said...

Well congrats Grace.........this does sound like a change for the better and at least you have another job to walk straight back into!
I'm sure you will find LOTS to fill your time and the boys will appreciate having thier Mum around more!


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