Monday, 7 April 2008

School Holidays ...... but not mine!

Well, for the first time in over 10 years I am not on holidays with the kids! I gave up my right to school hols to become a public servant! and I love it!! The no holidays are a bit of a bummer (apart from the usual 4 weeks per annum that is) but the decrease in pressure and stress outweighs that immensly. DS4&5 appear happy enough to attend Vacation Care most days, and between DH, DS1 and myself we are entertaining them a couple of days too. Work is going well, though the load is increasing - but I dont feel like I am going to have a 'meltdown' anytime soon. There are a number of staff on hols at the mo, so things should settle down in a week or so.
On a much brighter note ... my DT stuff arrived today. OMG - I received all the BG Archaic range of papers, some great chipboard, felt, ribbons and other stuff. I am going to have so much fun creating with these wonderful products !!! Now I have to go and plough through my gazillion photos for the 'right' ones!
Hey - check out the new LOs in my slide show! Some cool teenager ones there on Paper Inklings paper from my stint as Guest Designer at ScrapLounge. Cool stuff!

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