Friday, 18 April 2008

Leaving on a jet plane ....

Well its been a long time coming, but my little boy is flying off to Europe this Sunday! Something like 21 countries in 40 days ... the lucky thing. He and a friend are doing a Contiki camping tour, and while I personally want to check out Asia more so than Europe, I am still jealous!!! I can see that this will be the start of the 'travel bug' for him. I mean he did go to Japan with school, and to NZ for a short trip, but this is the real OS experience. And my DS1 confirmed tonight that he is looking at teaching in Japan next year when he finishes his degree, which was expected as he is learning Japanese ... I can see that I will have to get a passport and travel to see my own kids in the future, which is fine with me, but having 3 more at home could be a problem. It's great the opportunities that young ppl get now days to travel, technology has certainly brought the world a lot closer!

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Iago de Otto said...

I left once on a jet plane, in fact my folks bought the one-way ticket. This was just a few months after I graduated in Chinese from the University of Oregon (I'm from Portland). And here I am still living in Taiwan. I guess that makes 2008 my thirtieth year, being as how I arrived on that first jet plane in the middle of January in 1979. If your son does end up going to study in Japan, and you fly off to see him there, drop by Taiwan to say "hi".


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