Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Tis the season...

A couple of days ago I posted some images that I had created using Illustrator here on my blog, as well as on the Papier Mouse Design website and offered them as freebies for you to download.  A couple of people asked me what to actually do with the images once they were downloaded .... well here is a sample of how I used them....

Papier Mouse Design Christmas Cards

It is such a great feeling to see the end product of something that I totally made myself! Well everything except for the gorgeous vector doily I used on the red card. The doily was a free download from Shutterstock, I added the text and another little tree that I created.
I also included a personalise message on the inside of the card ... when you have 5 sons, 3 significant others and one grandchild to include...writing all those names can get quite tiresome after the first few cards.
The image files used on the two white cards in the above image have been saved as png files.  This allows for  transparency, just incase you wish to overlap the images or print on coloured card stock.  I used Adobe InDesign to create my cards - but realistically you could easily create them in Word if you feel more comfortable with that.

So go ahead and download the images ( free downloads ) ... I would love to see what you create.

BTW ... the Freebie page over at the Papier Mouse Designs website contains the baubles image, as well as  another Chrissy download as well :)

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