Thursday, 29 September 2011

Digital Art ...

I recently borrowed a brilliant book from my local library all about Digital Art. It is called 'Digital Expressions" and is by the brilliant Susan Tuttle at Ilka's Attic. Unlike so many other books I have borrowed and bought over the years, Susan has written her tutorials in a clear and easy to follow way. She even supplies a CD with digital design elements to use in her tutorials until you are confident to play with your own images. I just had to jump into PhotoShop and have a go at creating my own Digi Art pieces.

Here are two pieces that I worked on today. The first one is using images supplied on Susan's CD (or recommended by her at websites) and the second piece is using my own photos. I must say for my first attempt at this type of creative endeavour I am pretty pleased with the results.

Looks like I might have to go and purchase this book after all

The images in this piece are a photo of a tree I took on a roadtrip last year, a photo of an angel from the town cemetery (you'd be surprised at the beautiful images I find in cemeteries) and a iStock image of a tiger. I added a couple of standard PSe texture files as well.

Hope you like it,


Lori said...

wow that looks amazing!

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Grace said...

Thanks Lori!! I love playing with PhotoShop ... would love to do it all day :)


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