Sunday, 12 July 2009

Inked and lovin' it!!

It's only taken 3 years scrapping, but today I finally made a layout about me! It's called 'Inked and lovin' it!" . I am so happy with my tat, in a way it has empowered me to have a more positive outlook (and in-look) on personal stuff. Luckily DH seems to have come around and appears to accept it too, not that he is really seeing it, it's definetly long sleeve weather at the moment!
This layout was one of the challenges on the ArtyPants site. My criteria was purple lettering, scalloped edge and newspaper, which I used to show the date that my tattoo was done. Hope you like it.

1 comment:

Jane Balke Andersen said...

Hey Grace I see what you mean about my FAKE tattoo. Conrats on its creativity.I'll stick wit the fake ones, I got bored with it very quickly! Jane


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