Thursday, 9 July 2009

Aum mani padme um ink that is :)

Well here it is, my first tattoo - and after the woozy feeling I had it will probably be my last, but who knows? To be honest it didn't hurt too much once I got in the right frame of mind. Having the image on paper in front of me to focus on, while silently repeating the chant, really helped remove me from the pain. I know that I am going to be asked to justify it, but to me it was just the right thing to do - as simple as that.


Unknown said...

Afternoon miss grace.... Loving he ink you've had done, but what does it mean

SMILE??? is that what your meaning with the :)

I might be having an elderly moment maybe who knows lol. But certainly looks good.

Francine Burgess said...

you go girl!!!!! you will get more they are addictive bit like having kids you soon forget the pain and are left with the nice everyday reminder...ok perhaps kids isnt the greatest


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