Thursday, 19 March 2009

Life goes on and on and on ....

Life seems to be so busy at the moment that unfortuanetly my scrapping, and creative outlet, has taken a back seat. The twins have started playing club sports, so that means twice a week i need to run them around to training. Naturally, they couldn't agree to play the same sport ..oh no, DS4 has gone for soccer (sorry, football) and DS5 is in for AFL. I have no idea where these passions came from, certainly not me ... and we arent close enough to relatives to absorb the inlaws Italian soccer fever, but there we have it. Goodbye to afternoons in front of the telly (as if!) and Saturday morning sleep-ins!
Other news on the front is that work delivered me a pretty yucky blow this week. My secondment isnt going to be renewed after June ...... major downer!!! I am NOT going back to the classroom! so I really need to get something organised over the next couple of months ...all suggestions welcome :)
I guess that's about it at the moment. I apologise for my repetitive slideshow, I really need to upload some more layouts in the near future. That's a great rainy day job , scan...resize...upload...add to slideshow .... you know how it goes. Pity we dont have many rainy days though.
cheers all

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Unknown said...

HAY GRACE.....NOT LONG NOW......RETREAT excited and simply can't wait to have some time without the boys (sounds horrible but soooooo need some lady space) bit like you I would say with all your men. Chat to you then :)


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