Friday, 27 February 2009

Well here we are, well and truly in 2009 and this is my first post for the year! How slack is that? Life has been pretty full on this year. DS3 moved out, and I really miss his help with the younger two. It seems so quiet around here with just the four of us in the house. Why is it that by the time we can afford a big house - the older 3 have moved out! We actually have two empty bedrooms ! though I do plan to rearrange things eventually.
Scrapping took a bit of a rest over Christmas as my right arm has some nerve damage that makes it difficult to use for long periods of time, and it really needed a rest. I actually went to a crop and made coffee and read magazines all night !!! It was that bad :( Hopefully a visit to the neurosurgeon this week will see some improvement soon.
Work is busy, the boys love yr 3, DS2 is now 2IC at the bakery, DS1 is writing the last chapter of his novel and DH is still flying around the state - so yeah life is pretty normal as it ever will be.
I will try and upload some new LO's soon. I havent put any of my 2009 efforts up here as yet.

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