Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pets and Fireworks do not mix!!


OK people of Brisbane, Australia .... tonight the amazing fireworks spectacular that is  Riverfire  will be lighting up the sky over our beautiful city.  While we all 'ooohh and ahhh" at the millions of dollars going up in smoke, please PLEASE, please, don't forget about that member of your family who will probably absolutely freak out with all the noise.
Your dog, cat, guinea pig, bird .... whatever pets you have, need particular care and attention this evening - even more so if you are intending on leaving the poor little bugger alone at home to experience 'the end of the world' on his or her own.

Please take a look at  the RSPCA's Facebook page   which has some great ideas for how you can keep your pet calm and safe this evening.


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