Monday, 19 December 2011

The Times They Are A Changing....

I have not posted to this blog for ages! My creativity has made a right hand turn and gone in a new and exciting direction. I still love all things digital, but I'm tired of creating layouts with Other Peoples Product ..... I want to create from scratch. Be the street planner, not just the guy driving the car.
Obviously this is going to take time, and skills. I have just finished a nine week 1 day a wk course on Photoshop. Very intensive, and I absolutely loved it. So much actually that I have decided to continue this path and I have applied to complete a Diploma of Graphic Design next year at Ithica Tafe. Talk about diving in the deep end!!

Here are a couple of my creations from my PhotoShop course. We were given a starting point (like create a book cover, create a poster using this tin, etc) and the rest was up to us. The thumbnails are the starting images I used in production.
I had a great time creating them, I would love to hear your feedback on them.

Cheers all,

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Diana said...

Sounds great Grace. Hope it all goes well. I like what you have done so far.


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