Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Life is settling down ... finally !

Well what a month it has been! Since my last post I have moved house, had an operation which took ages to recover from and changed my relationship status from 'separated' to 'de-facto' ... (well that's what Centrelink likes to call it anyway) and taken the plunge to change careers.

In all of this I must admit to not being as creative as I should have been. Here I was thinking 5 weeks recovery time would see me laying on the lounge, laptop at hand, creating away ......Not reality I am afraid. I was in so much pain that my mojo was nowhere to be seen, I actually thought an over-zealous surgeon may have removed it during my operation.

Thankfully, the lovely Jen over at Word Art World is a lady of great understanding (being such a busy lady herself) and allowed me a breather from my Creative Team duties.

But now I am back.....

Here are a few of my creations that I have made over the past few days with Jen's June release items. Don't forget you can purchase her lovely WordArt files over at Gotta Pixel

Hope you like them.
I'll post more tomorrow, I'm off now to keep unpacking/job hunting/creating .....

1 comment:

ddazzled71 said...

Hi Grace, your layouts here are just fabulous......are all the elements you use on these pages from Word Art World?


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