Monday, 7 February 2011

My First Baby is turning 21!!!

Son number 3 was my baby for 11 yrs before the twins were born, and here I am starting to organise his 21st!!! My goodness time flies. This definitely calls for a couple of layouts about what a fantastic young man he has grown up to be. He was always the one to be there to give mum a hug and a helping hand when the whole 'mum to 5 boys' became too much for me and he hasn't changed a bit.
We used to call him Mum 2 when the twins were small because he was always there for them, and always more than willing to help me out with them. And the relationship that formed between him and his little brothers is as strong as ever today.
I am so blessed to have 3 perfect gentlemen to be role models for their little brothers .... what can I say .... I love them all.
Layout to come :) .......

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