Thursday, 3 June 2010

Opinions sort...

OK, well I've had to cut back my work load due to poor health, so I'm on the hunt for a money making venture.... aren't we all? I would love to use my digi skills, cardmaking or a combination of both. I'm thinking of making cards and selling them at markets, or online maybe. But I've looked at some of the crafty shops around town and I've seen a glut of handmade cards sitting on shelves (bottom shelves at that). And there are so many free digital downloads out there, that I cant see making money out of that venture, even though its something I could do - like designing blog backgrounds and such.
Or maybe I should look at something with an educational resource lean to i, since I've worked in schools for for so long
I would love to hear from people who have tried and succeeded (or failed) to 'make some money on the side' through a crafty sort of interest. Is it even possible??



Hay Grace,
I am on the same sort of road only that I have started the adventure with markets. I guess it is finding the right market. I took us to Forest Lake and only sold 4 cards from 7am till 1pm and it costed me $20 for the site. Very sad indeed.. But I have started this and I am going to keep on going. I wish I could help you with your question, but have a look at my facebook site and you will find a HEAP of work from home pages there. (in the fav's) They often have some great tips & ideas which may help point you in the right direction.
This site might help
I am always on the search for something I can do from home, so don't forget to share what you find also :)
xoxo Linda

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