Friday, 25 December 2009

Inspire and Chistmas...

Here is a digi-layout that I created about a week ago. I love sitting in the lounge with my trusty laptop on my knee, creating these fun layouts using PSe. I'm particularly proud of the arrow on this layout. I used a standard one from Word, but I then rubbed out some of its fill and transformed it a bit. I am really surprised at all the great stuff that I am able to do on PS!! There really are no limits.

And so this is Christmas....

Well after a flying visit to Sydney for my nephew's wedding over the weekend, we arrived back to clean the place up, buy the last minute Chrissy gifts, and begin to welcome our visitors. Scrapbooking has certainly taken a back seat. I managed to get a couple of cards made for mum but I havent even downloaded the pics yet, I will post them shortly.

Heaps of wedding photos from the weekend too, DS5 is really becoming a keen photographer, he took over 180 photos at the reception! I am yet to sift through them.

Well I am off to play Santa and fill some stockings .

till next time,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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