Tuesday, 4 August 2009

All aboard .... my creative journey continues....

Art journals. I've been researching them online and in some gorgeous books lately. And I have decided that I need to travel along this path. While I still love my scrapbooking, I feel the need to expand my creativity, break through some self-imposed barriers, and basically get all the creative juices out of my head and onto paper.
It's going to be messy - both physically and mentally, but I feel it is where I need to be atm. I see collage, altered books, stamps, masking tape. Indispersed with some of my poems, writings, quotes and basic ramblings of the mind.
I cant wait to start this journey and share it with you. Who knows where I will end up ?
But I do know it is going to be fun.
Onwards and upwards I say.


Shazz said...

can't wait to see where your journey takes you Grace.
a happy Wednesday to you my friend xo

Jane Balke Andersen said...

Good luck & enjoy Grace! I started one 2-3 years ago...hope to get on with it someday! Jane


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