Monday, 15 September 2008

Holiday countdown ....

Only 4 more sleeps and we head of down South for our mega-roadtrip!! DS4 & 5 are soooo excited, though I think that has something to do with the fact that they get to leave school early on Friday. The plan is to head up to Twmba and drop the dogs off at DS2's place then head south/west till we hit water - the ocean that is! Hoping to get to the Great Ocean Road early in the second week of the hols (I think, I must admit I didnt really listen to DH when he was reading the planned itinerary to me of his laptop).
Other things happening at the moment, we head parent/teacher interviews tonight for DS4 & 5 and while there were no mega surprises I feel a bit berated by one of the teacher's for allowing the boys speech problems to go unaided this year. DH and I decided to give them a break from the 'speechy' and let them do swimming lessons after school instead, now I am feeling very 'blamed' by the teacher that one of them in particular has speech issues that are affecting his spelling and reading. Bad mummy!! You would think that experience would count for something! Was I so condescending when I had no childrem - god I hope not!
OH well, roll on holidays, next term is a new start ... I suppose I need to commit more time with the guys and sit and read and stuff, it's just so difficult with working and stuff - but thats a choice I made,
Anyway ...cheers

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