Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Mother's Day to all...

Well, another year bites the dust. I am officially 40 plus GST! (that's 44 for you non financial types). I don't really think it's much different to 43, or 42 for that matter... I think i actually stopped counting after 3o-something. Except when I had to fill in the twins birth certificate ...but let's not go there!
So, how about Mother's Day instead. I was swamped this morning by the twins (nearly 7 yr olds). They have been 'creating' gifts for me all week - so much paper and masking tape and textas!!! They were so excited and kept telling me they loved me ... and not to forget that I had to go and shop for their birthday present today!!
Yes, I was a Mother's Day baby, and so were the twins. This year tho, their day is on Tuesday. They are looking forward to next Saturday when they have each invited 6 friends to a party in the park .... should be fun (she says grinning...)
Anyway time to go and cut the Mother's Day Cake,
Cheers one and all.

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